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  • 3 way horn loaded mid-high
  • Good response to 80Hz -suitable for use with a wide variety of bass cabinets.  (Orbit bass cabinets coming soon!)
  • Features 12" low mid, 8" high mid and 1" high frequency drivers from Fane and Celestion. 
  • Low weight (just 22Kg) and compact size (under 74 liters)
  • Easy to handle, store and transport. 
  • Birch plywood main cabinet

  • Can be used in portrait or landscape mode so can be arrayed horizontally for wider coverage and/or stacked vertically for for higher SPL / longer throw. 
  • Features a tilt adjustable pole mount to allow cabinets to be easily mounted to bass cabinets or an array board via a short 35mm pole. 
  • For bi-amp use and features a passive crossover between the mid and high frequency drivers.

  • Coaxial Mid-High Frequency Horn
  • 40x40 Dispersion
  • Controlled coverage within dispersion angle
  • Arrayable
  • Mid-High horn is of MDF construction to minimize resonance

  • Due to its broad frequency range and good upper bass extension the Orbit 4 is suitable for use with a wide variety of bass cabinets from reflex and to horn loaded. 
  • Horn loaded design enables high sensitivity and high output levels of 135dB to be achieved, all from a compact 74 litre cabinet!
  • Hand built in the UK


Low Mid

Power Handling 300w (A.E.S) 100w (A.E.S)
Peak Power (6dB  Crest Factor)
1200W (A.E.S) 400W (A.E.S)
Sensitivity 1W/1M
104dB 107dB
Impedance 8 Ohms 8 Ohms
Frequency range (-10dB)
Active Crossover
400Hz HP 24dB/Oct L/R
Delay Setting
Bass Dependant
Max SPL Output (calcluated)
129dB Cont / 135dB Peak
127dB Cont / 133dB Peak
Array Dependant
40 x 40
Construction Material
Birch Plywood
Textured Water Based Coating


350mm x 350mm x 600mm

Frequency Response

Only 435 each + 15 Shipping!

Contact: james@soundgear.co.uk

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